How to set trailing stop loss on MT5 mobile?

A trailing stop loss on MT5 is a dynamic risk management feature that automatically adjusts to market movements.

It optimizes profits while limiting potential losses. However, I trade MT5 on both my PC and my mobile device but I like most to trade on my phone.

For the first time, it was tough for me to set a trailing stop loss using the MT5 mobile app. But for you, it won’t be too tough.

Because here I will explain in detail “How to set trailing stop loss on MT5 mobile” so that you can do it easily.

What is the trailing stop loss on MT5?

The Trailing Stop Loss feature on MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is a valuable risk management tool that adapts to changing market prices.

It automatically adjusts to ensure optimal protection for your trades. This strategy helps to secure profits when the market is doing well and also reduces losses when the market changes direction. 

Traders can set the trailing distance in pips. This allows automated adjustments to be made without constant manual intervention.

Adding this feature is important. It helps traders on the MT5 platform by giving them a strong tool to protect profits and manage trades in real-time.

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Trailing Stop loss
Trailing Stop loss

Configuring a trailing stop loss on MT5 Mobile

Configuring a Trailing Stop Loss on MetaTrader 5 (MT5) mobile involves a few steps.

Please note that the exact steps might vary slightly depending on your broker’s version of MT5, but the general process is as follows:

  1. Open the trade:

Open the trade for which you want to set a Trailing Stop Loss.

2. Access trade settings:

  • Find the open trade in the “Trade” tab or from the chart. 
  • Click on the open trade to bring up the trade details.

3. Modify order:

Look for the “Modify Order” option. It looks like a pencil icon or a similar edit symbol.

4. Set trailing stop:

In this modification option, you can see an option for “Trailing Stop” or “Trailing Stop Loss”. Enter the desired distance for your trailing stop. This distance is usually in pips.

5. Confirm changes:

After entering the trailing stop value, confirm the changes.

6. Monitor trailing stop:

Once set, the trailing stop will follow the price as it moves in your favor. If the market reverses by the trailing stop distance, the stop-loss level adjusts according to your command.

Choose a distance in pips for your trailing stop loss to follow the market price.

Remember, a trailing stop loss on MT5 mobile is a powerful tool for dynamic trade management, automatically adjusting to market conditions.

Understanding the significance of trailing stop loss feature?

The MT5 mobile version provides robust functionality. Setting a trailing stop loss on the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) mobile platform is a crucial skill for traders seeking flexibility and mobility in managing their trades.

This feature is an essential tool for risk management and it allows traders to protect their positions. Also, it optimizes profits while limiting potential losses. 

A trailing stop loss on MT5 is a dynamic risk management feature that automatically adjusts to market movements.

It establishes a flexible exit point for positions, securing profits during favorable market conditions and minimizing losses in the face of adverse price movements.

This tool empowers traders to manage risks effectively, especially when using the MT5 mobile application.

A trailing stop loss is an order that follows the market price at a set distance. As the market moves in favor of the trade, the trailing stop follows and securing gains.

If the market changes direction, the trailing stop breaks the trade to prevent big losses.

Key advantages of using a trailing stop loss:

Here are the key advantages of using a trailing stop loss:

  • Set it and forget it. Trailing stops eliminate the need to constantly monitor positions and manually adjust stop-loss levels. This saves time and reduces stress.
  • Emotion-proof trading. By automating stop-loss placement, trailing stops take the emotion out of exiting trades. Fear and greed no longer impact exit decisions.
  • Capture profits and cut losses. As the market moves in your favor, trailing stops raise the stop point to lock in gains. They also lower the stop to limit losses if the trend reverses.
  • Adapt to volatility. Trailing stops are dynamic, unlike fixed stops. They give trades more room without being triggered by normal price fluctuations in choppy markets.
  • Ride the trend. They let you stay with a trending market as long as it’s moving up/down. Yet they protect profits if the trend suddenly changes course.
  • Simple yet powerful risk management. With one simple tool, you can automatically lock in profits and cut losses as conditions warrant, optimizing risk-reward.
  • Works well for swing and position traders. Particularly useful for positions meant to run with an existing trend until fundamentals change.

Is a 5% trailing stop loss effective?

Setting a 5% trailing stop loss can be effective, but its suitability depends on various factors:

Market volatility: A 5% trailing stop is notably effective in markets with medium volatility. It is well-suited for traders navigating moderately dynamic market conditions.

Individual trading style: Suitable for those with a moderate risk tolerance. Traders with higher risk tolerance may opt for a wider trailing stop.

Stock behavior: Considering the historical price fluctuations of a specific asset is paramount. Stocks with a history of heightened volatility may necessitate a wider trailing stop. It ensures that the stop loss is set at a level that reflects the stock’s typical price movements.

Overall investment goals: The choice of a 5% trailing stop should align seamlessly with overall investment goals. Perfect for conserving capital, this approach is ideal for risk-free traders looking to protect their profits.

Actually, the effectiveness of a 5% trailing stop depends on the trader’s risk tolerance, market conditions, and specific trading goals.


Trailing stop losses are easily and precisely managed with modern mobile trading systems such as MT5.

Using a trailing stop loss on MT5 mobile is an excellent strategy to protect transactions from market fluctuations and protect earnings.

As a result, every trader wishes to know, “How to set trailing stop loss on MT5 mobile?” Simply follow my instructions to do it.

Every trader should use these tools to improve their decision-making and optimize their trading strategy.

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